Busy Week Working On The Mini Thirty

George’s ReRestoration Pt2

This past week or so has been crazy! We’ve done so much work on the Mini Thirty – And I can’t wait for George to look brand new at the end of it all.

I’ve stripped it down completely, so we can find where all the rust and horrible bits are. At first, it looked like a block of not very healthy Swiss Cheese. But it didn’t take us too long to clean it all up to get ready for welding – there was bubbling paint, small holes and little bits of rust. The biggest hole that i knew was going to be a problem was a hole just above the rear sub-frame mount that could be seen from the rear compartment bin (oops) It had supposedly been fixed in the past, but now it’s definitely sorted and now my subframe won’t drop off.



Time for the fun bit

After the hard task of welding was finally completed, many, many hours later, we got to taking off the paint ready for respraying. Respraying it started today (31st January, 2018) and it already looks so much more amazing than it has in a long time! After six layers of paint, Dec has finally got each panel exactly the same shade – rather than the old 50-odd shades it seemed to be!

Annoyingly, we’ve got to wait another two weeks before we can put everything back on and keep going with it. Watching paint dry doesn’t sound like the most exciting of jobs, but at least it’s paint on a mini as gorgeous as mine.

George all roughed up

George all roughed up

George painted with 6 coats on.

George painted with 6 coats on.

Now I’m already counting down the next two weeks; it can’t pass fast enough. Fourteen days isn’t that long… right?

Huge thanks to Declan and Shane for all their hard work on breathing life back into my pride and joy! I couldn’t be more grateful!


If you need any work completing, you can find them over at:




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